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Understanding Corporate Security in the Transport Industry

The Australian transport industry relies on corporate security solutions to keep their operations running safely and smoothly. It’s a complex relationship between various stakeholders, and understanding how they all fit together can make it easier for procurement managers and other decision-makers read more »

Thermal Cameras And Body Temperature Measurement Technology

Given the current global climate whereby we are now having to learn to live with the COVID-19 outbreak, it is presenting challenges that are testing and bringing the capabilities of nation states around the world to bear. In the modern era, global human systems have not been tested to this extent read more »

Unified Security partner with Saltwater Freshwater Festival

This year the Saltwater Freshwater Festival showcased the broad and diverse spectrum of the Mid-North Coast community, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal backgrounds along with youngsters and Elders in attendance. Cultural workshops were available throughout the day that allowed the public to read more »

How to Integrate a Security Provider into Your Business

Part 4 in a Series on Procurement in the Security Industry read more »

9 Questions to Ask before Hiring a New Security Team

Part 3 in a Series on Procurement in the Security Industry read more »

3 Simple Ways  To Tell if a Security Company is Worth Your Investment

Part 2 in a Series on Procurement in the Security Industry   Engaging a service provider is always a gamble, and procuring security for your business is no different. There’s no telling for sure whether the supplier you’ve met will do a satisfactory job until you’ve sunk time and money into giving read more »

Metro Trains Melbourne appoint Unified Security Group

  Unified Security Group has been selected as the preferred security provider for Metro Trains Melbourne, the franchise operator responsible for the electrified suburban passenger service on the Melbourne rail network. read more »

How to Assess Your Private Security Needs

Private security is a must-have for any company, organisation, or agency of scale. There are plenty of reasons why investing in corporate security can benefit you, but it boils down to a matter of risk and deterrence. read more »

What to look for in a Corporate Security Company

  Studies show that the private security industry in Australia has been growing at a steady rate, thanks to an increasing demand for solutions like electronic security and protection for cash-in-transit. read more »