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Liberty OneSteel Case Study

Liberty OneSteel - Whyalla is one of Australia’s largest diversified industrial sites covering an area in excess of 1000ha including an international port, internal/external rail network, steel works, distribution facilities & administration offices. The site produces over 1.2 million tons per annum of raw steel, has capacity to export up to 13 million tons of iron ore per annum and engages over 4000 personnel.


Arrium - Middleback Ranges is an exporter of hematite iron ore and also supplies iron ore feed to Arrium's integrated steelworks at Whyalla. The business was established in 2007 following the commercialisation of the company’s hematite iron ore reserves under Project Magnet. Arrium's mining currently operates in three primary sites including seven operational pits including Iron Duchess, Iron Knight, Iron Duke, Iron Magnet, Iron Baron, Iron Knob and Iron Chieftain.


Service Overview


Unified Security is solely responsible for the provision of 24hr Security & Emergency Services to the Liberty OneSteel & Arrium facilities including:


• the provision of Static & Mobile Security Officers

• Emergency Services Officers (including Fire, Rescue & First Aid)

• Registered Nursing Staff

• Security & Emergency Services Management, Drug & Alcohol Testing

• Traffic Management

• Fire Services Inspection & Compliance

• Registered Training Services

• Administration Services

• Along with many other peripheral services


In addition to the provision of manpower services onsite Unified Security also provides extensive Security & Emergency Services Infrastructure & equipment including 4x4 Security Patrol Vehicles, 4x4 Fire/Rescue Vehicles, 4x4 Emergency Response Vehicles along with all associated Emergency, Medical & Rescue Equipment.


Providing over 26,000 manpower hour’s p.a, to Liberty OneSteel, Unified continues to deliver the highest service standards to this valued mining sector client.