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Loss Prevention Officers & Security Guards a Necessity for busy Retail Stores

Wherever people gather, the potential exists for crime. This is especially true in retail locations and in particular shopping centers that attract large numbers of people. Some are there to shop and enjoy themselves, while others are there to take advantage of the crowds and go unnoticed as they engage in shoplifting.


Australian retailer’s losses are estimated to be in the millions each year. These losses were due to shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud, and also administrative errors which are indirectly forwarded on to consumers.

Unfortunately, many shoplifters go unchallenged by store staff as employees are fearful of making a wrongful accusation. They also want to avoid an awkward situation that could turn violent.


While shoplifting is a major contributor to shrinkage it is not leading the cause. It has been documented that employee theft was also a major contributor to shrinkage, making this a more complicated challenge for retailers. Other store employees may not be aware of their co-workers involvement in theft, or they may simply not want to get involved in reporting them. Thus, these crimes often go unreported.


While most retailers use some type of merchandise detector that triggers an alert when merchandise crosses the store’s threshold, blindly relying on technology will not solve this problem.


Instead, the better solution is to appoint professionally trained and accredited loss prevention officers and security guards as they have an advantage and the ability to detect suspicious behavior that might lead to shoplifting. They are able to step in and stop or apprehend shoplifters, where store employees might be fearful of doing so.


Whether it is for fun, or out of necessity, shoplifters will take what they can where they can. Their actions have created a major challenge for retailers. The most effective means for stopping shoplifting is ensuring you have a psychical security presence.


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