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Multiple Arrests - Holiday Period

With many sites left vacant for extended periods over the holiday periods, these sites become increasingly susceptible to incidents of theft, malicious damage, dumping and many other costly acts. The absence of regular traffic, staff, and many other deterrents coupled with stretched police and security resources, presents a prime opportunity for offenders to target constructions sites, industrial areas and other remote locations. In the past clients would have looked to conventional security methods to minimise the risks associated with such periods including deploying onsite guards, and increasing the repetition of random patrols. Whilst both these methods will provide a certain level of increased security they do so at a considerable cost in the case of the guard deployment and are of questionable benefit as a deterrent in the case of the patrols.

In order to ensure the ongoing safety and security of our clients during these periods and throughout the year Unified Security Group (Australia) Pty Ltd has worked tirelessly to develop an integrated security services model second to none that is both cost effective and highly efficient. The integrated services model includes the provision of the UniFi Mobile CCTV Units and Remote Detection Devices, Monitored in Real Time by our In-House Control Room, supported by our own dedicated Patrol/Response Vehicle Fleet and ably managed by our team of Industry Management Professionals.

The benefits of the Unified Security Group (Australia) Pty Ltd integrated services model have been highlighted in a number of recent incidents where the application of the model has resulted in the detection, apprehension and subsequent arrest of a number of offenders who where targeting unattended construction and critical infrastructure sites. The following examples provide a glaring account of the efficiencies and advantages of our model and our services:

Example 1:

Large Scale Construction Site – In the early hours of the morning USG Control received an alarm activation from one of the UniFi Mobile CCTV Unit, this activation was subsequently followed by a live vision feed of an offender onsite attempting to gain access to a maritime container. USG Control personnel immediately contacted local police and advised them off the unfolding intrusion in progress, operators then utilised our SatNav infra-structure to identify our closest response vehicle and dispatched that vehicle to the site. USG Control personnel continued monitoring the offender’s movement’s onsite utilising the PTZ Camera on the UniFi Mobile CCTV Unit and maintained regular contact with our attending officer and Police to keep them abreast of the offender’s actions and location. Due to their timely attendance onsite and the accuracy of the information at their disposal USG Response personnel in conjunction with the attending Police Officers were able to immediately locate the offender who was concealed in a pit on an adjacent site and affect an immediate arrest.

Example 2:

Remote Critical Infrastructure Installation – During the mid evening, a UniFi Mobile CCTV Unit detected a breach in progress onsite with primary detection being ascertained by one of the long range PIR detectors. Upon receipt of the activation and the subsequent visual confirmation through the 3G live video stream, USG Control contacted police informing them of the intrusion in progress, the critical nature of the site, the location of the breach/entry point, an accurate description of the offender (including tools/weapons) and the offenders current movements onsite. USG Control utilised our SatNav vehicle tracking software to identify the nearest USG response vehicle for immediate dispatch. Upon arrival onsite the attending USG Officer contacted USG Control to ascertain the offenders exact location, USG Control was able to advise the attending Officer that the offender had exited the rear of the site and had headed into a large undulating paddock approximately 2 mins prior to their arrival onsite. Due to the accuracy and reliability of the information they received on deployment, police had pre-dispatched a K9 dog unit to assist in the detection of the offender. Coupled with the information they received on attendance to the site, police were able to immediately track the offender and within10mins performed an arrest in an adjacent paddock including all implements used and products stolen from site.


Unlike many of our competitors we would be please to provide evidentiary client reference contact details for our significant number of accumulated arrests. For further information on our specialised integrated service provisions please don’t hesitate to contact our office at your convenience. For further detailed information on the range of UniFi Mobile CCTV Units and remote detection products please visit