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3 Simple Ways  To Tell if a Security Company is Worth Your Investment

Part 2 in a Series on Procurement in the Security Industry   Engaging a service provider is always a gamble, and procuring security for your business is no different. There’s no telling for sure whether the supplier you’ve met will do a satisfactory job until you’ve sunk time and money into giving read more »

Metro Trains Melbourne appoint Unified Security Group

  Unified Security Group has been selected as the preferred security provider for Metro Trains Melbourne, the franchise operator responsible for the electrified suburban passenger service on the Melbourne rail network. read more »

How to Assess Your Private Security Needs

Private security is a must-have for any company, organisation, or agency of scale. There are plenty of reasons why investing in corporate security can benefit you, but it boils down to a matter of risk and deterrence. read more »

What to look for in a Corporate Security Company

  Studies show that the private security industry in Australia has been growing at a steady rate, thanks to an increasing demand for solutions like electronic security,  protection for cash-in-transit and security guard services. read more »

Why You Should Invest In Corporate Security

  No business owner expects crime to befall them — after all, theft, robbery, arson, and the like are all things that happen to other people.   read more »

6 Point Checklist to Keep Your Business Safe & Secure

The cost of criminal activity or damage to your commercial property can be very high on your business. Things like vandalism, arson and theft can hugely dent your business activities – and even affect your confidence as a business owner. This means it's vital that you are vigilant about the read more »

Keolis Downer – Provision of Security Services for Bus Services

Keolis Downer currently hold a 10-year contract with Transport for NSW to operate a new, integrated public transport system for the city of Newcastle including buses, ferries, future light rail and interchanges.   read more »

State Transit Authority of NSW - Case Study

Client Profile read more »

Security and Emergency Sectors are Demanding and Women Can Do It!

Unified’s 60-year-old Kerry Marks isn’t your archetypal heavy industry Site Manager—but after twelve years of service at OneSteel’s site in Whyalla, it’s a well-deserved responsibility. In a role that merges security with emergency services, Kerry leads a dexterous team; a team that’s been read more »

Liberty OneSteel Case Study

Liberty OneSteel - Whyalla is one of Australia’s largest diversified industrial sites covering an area in excess of 1000ha including an international port, internal/external rail network, steel works, distribution facilities & administration offices. The site produces over 1.2 million tons per read more »