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Thermal Cameras And Body Temperature Measurement Technology

Given the current global climate whereby we are now having to learn to live with the COVID-19 outbreak, it is presenting challenges that are testing and bringing the capabilities of nation states around the world to bear. In the modern era, global human systems have not been tested to this extent before and the actions that we all take can mean the difference between someone remaining healthy or falling victim to this disease.


Thermal Cameras And Body Temperature Measurement Technology


Unified Security Group has been on the forefront of technological advances pertaining to CCTV remote deployment solutions and solar powered technology. We have maintained and developed our industry contacts and now can assist with sourcing a technological solution that relates to one of the challenges of managing this outbreak.


A field of CCTV technology, that is now getting a new focus, is combining thermal camera technology and leveraging it against the task of measuring an individual’s body temperature.


This technology is particularly attractive as this can now be achieved from a safe distance, well beyond the current social distancing requirements requested by our government. However not all thermal based technologies can deliver the accuracy required to perform this task to the degree whereby false positives and wildly inaccurate numbers can be reported by such systems.


With the integrity of our health system potentially in the balance, there are now global efforts to protect and minimise the risk taken upon our frontline staff, both the risk posed to themselves and to others that they come into contact with.


If this is something that you or your organisation would be interested in discussing, please contact the Unified Security team today.