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Victorian Hotel Quarantine Report Released

For the last few months we have been working through the issues of Hotel Quarantine in Victoria being investigated by the Coate Inquiry.

We have been respectful of the work being done by the retired judge and have worked within the processes to share with her, and through her the broader Victorian community, our experiences of working in the Victorian Government’s Hotel Quarantine Program.

Throughout the Inquiry we have worked hard to share our understanding and to provide context for decisions and actions taken to support the directions of various government departments.

The final report into this program was released on Monday and as a business Unified Security welcomes the release of this report and the detailed findings it contains.

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Report can be found here

It is a comprehensive report that shines much needed light on some of the underappreciated risks and shortcomings of the government’s Hotel Quarantine program.

The report also identifies that COVID-19 escaped from the hotel quarantine program because of the confused and ineffective government departmental structure that in turn led to inadequate infection control protocols in the hotels.

It is pleasing to see our position has been vindicated by the report which found that it was inappropriate to impose primary responsibility for infection prevention control onto security companies and that the government’s approach to infection prevention control was not sufficiently embedded in the program.

Rather than accept responsibility for these failures at the Inquiry, the Victorian Government through various Departments has for the past six months deflected blame or responsibility to others.

It has been convenient for bureaucrats to blame and hide behind security guards and security companies. Our staff worked hard and in good faith, and were unfairly maligned after the outbreak.

While this was deeply disappointing, we always had faith that the Inquiry would get to the bottom of the multiple structural inadequacies that led to the outbreaks.

There has been significant coverage of the report, the processes and the issues with the consistent theme that guards worked hard and did so with the best of intentions and that the failings in the program were structural and the result of a lack of control and coordination.

The article below from The Age clearly lays all of this out and we would encourage you to read it and other materials in the various reputable media outlets.