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Why You Should Invest In Corporate Security


No business owner expects crime to befall them — after all, theft, robbery, arson, and the like are all things that happen to other people.


People can be resistant to words of caution even when the statistics are laid out for them. If we were to tell you that there were over 10,000 reported robberies last year, you’d be more likely to ask for the country’s latest population size than consider a security upgrade.


Or perhaps you’re aware of the fact that criminal activity is a possibility for any given business, but have convinced yourself that the harms of it happening are minimal at worst.


Whatever the case, you probably think you don’t need to invest in corporate security and security guard services.


We’re here to tell you otherwise.


This article will list 5 strong reasons why you should give corporate security a second thought. We’ll go into the risks you’d avoid in hiring a security company, as well as the unlikely benefits to your business and its profitability.


1. Corporate Security Keeps Businesses Safe

It goes without saying that private security companies make an impact on the safety of the businesses that hire them—but how reliable is that guarantee?


The first thing we have to establish is that international studies have consistently shown that establishments with a private security presence are much less likely to fall victim to crime. There’s a proven correlation between private security companies and security guard services with a lower risk of thefts, robberies, and break-ins.


Anyone with the intent to commit a crime is effectively making a gamble: it only makes sense to push through with the act if the odds of success are higher than the odds of getting caught. In fact, it takes more than just a 51% chance of success—any barrier in the way of a would-be thief can dramatically lower your likelihood of falling victim.


In short: private security companies work by keeping businesses from being seen as easy targets.


2. Corporate Security Boosts Employee Morale

Nobody enjoys working under conditions that make them feel unsafe. Whether we’re talking cashiers dealing with crowds of shoppers in broad daylight or night owls working the graveyard shift at a warehouse, there’s no good reason for an employee to feel exposed or vulnerable.


Yet there are dozens of reasons why a person might feel at risk of falling victim to crime at their place of work. The area might be dangerous, they might be handling large amounts of cash or valuables while on the job, or they might have simply heard about a crime happening at a similar workplace on the other side of the country.


Whatever the cause, the fear of crime can lead to stress, which in turn can lead to reduced productivity and higher rates of employee churn. There are financial reasons why you’d want to keep your employees feeling safe, and they could have a real impact on your bottom line.


3. Corporate Security Resolves Situations Efficiently

In the event that a crime does happen, your regular staff might not be equipped to handle the situation. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Robbery gone wrong,” but the idea of a misstep leading to injury--or worse, death--isn’t one that occurs to business owners who decide against hiring corporate security.


The reality is that in tense situations, having an expert around could spell the difference between a quick resolution and a tragedy. Private security professionals are trained to keep a level head during confrontations with criminals, and react in a way that follows pre-vetted protocols.


Unexpected things happen over the course of a business’ lifetime, but any good owner knows that the best answer to a complication is a steady hand.


4. Corporate Security Provides a Fast Response

In the absence of on-site security guards, the police are your next best option. Unfortunately, the police are very likely to be a fair distance away from your building when a crime occurs—leaving your employees without a professional assist in the event of a bad situation.


Hiring a private security company gives you the advantage of having qualified first-responders at your place of work. There’s no dollar amount you could attach to the sense of security that comes with knowing your business is covered by a team of trained specialists, in the event of an emergency, be it a crime or other unforeseen happening.


5. Corporate Security Puts Your Customers at Ease

The issue of safety is universal. If your employees have a reason to doubt their security, you can guarantee that your customers are feeling the same—and the presence of a security guard / security guard services or CCTV installation can bring them as much peace of mind as it would your own people.


Any brand could benefit from a reputation for being a secure place to visit, do business, or even just hang around. If you hire the right agency, these positive associations could go a step further: trained security personnel should also be willing to assist your customers by assisting with heavy loads, offering directions, or connecting them with your staff.


Investing in a private security company is an investment in a happier consumer base, as much as it is an investment in safety. You might not think that hiring a security company could positively affect your sales, but it helps in more ways than meet the eye.



This list of reasons to engage the services of a corporate security company is by no means exhaustive. If you take the leap and invest in an agency, you’ll find your business improving in a number of smaller yet meaningful ways—though these would vary from case to case.


The five reasons we’ve listed above are the most common by far, and you can expect to see them firsthand should you choose to invest in a security company.


If you’re in the market for a private security solution for your business, take a look at what Unified Security has to offer. We’re the country’s largest, private, indigenously-owned security provider with plenty of experience in servicing high-profile companies, agencies, and organisations.


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